Our advice on www.freeconference.com

A combination of using the US freeconference.com service and a an inexpensive international call can cost each user as little as 1p/minute. (The quality of the lines are variable).

All participants will need to be supplied with the following confirmation text:

"The teleconference costs you 1p/minute:

1) ring telediscount on 08448-610-610 and listen to the message

2) ring  001-641-297-5400 then #(hash)

3) Listen to the freeconference.com message which confusingly refers to the 'pound key' and enter the ACCESS CODE [number] then #(hash).

Good luck with your conference call"

If you choose to arrange your own private teleconference via www.freeconference.com be sure to uncheck the box marked "Web-scheduled premium 800" and choose "Web-scheduled standard" instead. Also note that the "confirm your booking" final page is worth reading carefully so that you can make corrections before getting to "Congratulations! Conference Confirmed".

We use "conversation mode" (all participants can be heard); and have a chime to mark anyone joining or leaving the teleconference which provides more clarity and more privacy. (The "organizer user code" that is supplied is not at all relevant to joining the teleconference, so don't be confused by this extra string of numbers).

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