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Mediators help people work out how to resolve their conflicts.

It is your choice whether you ask someone to help you with communicating needs and sorting it all out.

Below you'll find:

  1. Mediators
  2. Mediation Services
  3. The UK Mediation & Directory Enquiry System [powered by interMediate]
  4. Emergency Support

1) Mediators:

2) Mediation Services:

[Mediation Services wishing to update their records on the Mediation Enquiry Server please provide your Mediation UK membership number, telephone number and email via this form](+)


3) Types of Mediation Work accessible via the Mediation Enquiry Server

If you want to know which Mediation UK member services provide the following services please follow the enquiry link which will enable you both to search the database on the Mediation Enquiry Server and, optionally, to make an enquiry or referral:

The Mediation Enquiry Server enables you to:

[Mediation Enquiry Server powered by interMediate]


4) Emergency Support

If your need for help and confidential advice is more urgent, these organisations may help:

Free and confidential advice and support
Tel. 08457 90 90 90

Free and confidential 24-hour helpline for young people to call and talk to experienced counsellors about any problem
Tel. 0800 11 11