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their feelings

If it is difficult to guess what someone was needing (or is needing now), one way to help guess is to identify what you think they were (or are now) feeling.

They may have been (or might now be) feeling:
alive, angry, bitter, bored, buzzing,
calm, envious, excited, frustrated,
hatred, hopeful, hostility, impatient,
not bothered, open, pleased, sad,
shocked, stressed, stunned?

Possibly it might have been (or might now be) one of these feelings?:

ashamed, churned-up, confused, dissatisfied,
embarrassed, guilty, hurt, isolated,
overwhelmed, regretful, remorseful,
scared, upset, vulnerable, worried?

Perhaps you might write down (or cut and paste into a draft document?):

I guess they may have been feeling ..... ...because they needed .....
I guess they might now be feeling ...........because they need..........
I guess that satisfying their need for .... would feel............for them.