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ApologyPlus and CommunicatingNeeds are initiatives launched to mediation & NVC practitioners in May 2006.

Feedback and comments are welcome from every visitor to this website.

If you are a mediator, an NVC practitioner and/or a potential funder, please join the CommunicatingNeeds yahoo group to stay informed or engaged in developing on-line conflict resolution tools and increased access to mediation services.

"Feeder websites" will relate to these contexts: Business, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Health Service, Neighbours, School, Workplace and Church Disputes. "Feeder websites" will also relate to these issues:
Accusations, Addiction, Anger, Avoiding Litigation, Regret, Divorce/Separation.

CommunicatingNeeds.org.uk has been strongly influenced by Nonviolent Communication and some mediation practice. This website does not aim to give a full flavour of NVC or mediation.

(Recommended listening -Marshall Rosenberg discussing Nonviolent Communication™. Recommended training in NVC)

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