a need for progress? challenge? achievement?
a need to understand? communicate? reach clarity?
a need for community?  belonging?  friendship?

Paul Crosland, CEO, Mediation Support Ltd

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NB The telephone number was updated to that below in 2011

Tel 0780 70 66 202 (messages can also be left 24hrs/day)


Paul Crosland, Mediation Support

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We'll help you reach resolution, without compromising your needs.


You choose from the following three services, or gain the benefit from 1, 2 and 3:

  1. Clarifying Needs (web -resources to help you prepare to voice your issues in ways more likely to foster co-operation from others.)
  2. Telephone Support from one of our team of mediators, trained to help you get your needs met.
  3. Teleconferencing between you and them, with or without booking our mediators to support everyone's needs being heard and addressed.

All behaviour can be seen as people's different strategies to meet the same universal needs. Some strategies trigger the pain of the others' unmet needs. When less painful strategies are chosen to meet everyone's needs, a wonderful sense of release is felt. This is what we facilitate. It does not depend on the other person.

Would you like to know our mediators' availability for a 25 minute telephone support call for you? To receive an immediate email enabling you to put into our calendar your availability, email the word 'enquiry'. The cost is £12.50 for 25minutes support. If you also want the team of mediators to know more about your situation and the needs involved, please send up to 300 words in your enquiry e-mail.

For people preparing for a difficult communication, 123 telephone mediation recommends the website:CommunicatingNeeds.org.uk

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a need for beauty? meaning? service?
a need for completion? peace? wholeness?




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1) To find local mediation services: UK mediation directory and enquiry system

2) For DIY teleconferencing: Skype, Freeconference, Conferencegenie & others

3) For a mediator from our team to support you through your conflict email here

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